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We’ve got some bad news.

You’re being robbed of your radiance. (Don’t shoot the messenger).

Our current lifestyles are lacking in some pretty precious nutrients, and it’s showing up in our complexion, our energy and our sparkle.

You’ve bought into the lotions and potions that promise big results, yet you feel like something is still missing… because it is;

Your hair, skin and nails are the last places to receive nutrients.


It’s true.

Nutrients go to the other ‘more important’ places first such as internal organs and tissues (you know, to survive and all). Thankfully so… but what if we’re only getting enough nutrients to cover our basic needs?

Those fancypants serums are only half the solution.

Your desire for brighter, bolder beauty lies within optimal nutrition.

If you skimp on nutrition, you’ll always be cutting yourself short.

Evidence our nutrition is lacking

An orange from the 1950’s was full of vitamin A; necessary for healthy eyes, healthy skin and healthy immune defenses. However, these days, it’s been said in order to attain the same amount of nutrients found in an orange of yesteryear, you would have to consume 21 freakin’ oranges… pretty challenging to do in our fast-food world, isn’t it?

Our quest for beauty may be harming us

Additionally, the average woman uses 12 personal care products per day. The result?

She exposes herself to over 515 questionable, synthetic chemicals EVERY day in the efforts to amplify her beauty. Yikes.

Simply put, if you’re not getting adequate nutrition (above and BEYOND your daily requirements), and your cells are bombarded with daily toxins, you’ll begin to see and feel it in your outward appearance;

Brittle hair and nails, sallow, dull skin, low energy and a general lackluster all around.

There’s a reason why they say:


Glowing beauty must come from nourishing within FIRST so it can spill over in all areas of your life.

Sadly, there’s a BIG disconnect in how nutrient-rich foods create true inside-out beauty.

Kinda like visiting the Dermatologist who rarely mentions the role nutrition plays in skin health. They happily hand you ointments to ‘fix’ your problem (and mayyybe tell you to bathe in oatmeal; the extent of your nutrition advice)…

You’re so done with masking the problem and dimming your shine. It’s time to super charge your beautiful little self!

Our Beauty Nutrition Program is here to bridge all the gaps, meaning, we take a WHOLISTIC approach to beauty, skin health and nutrition. We know and understand how interconnected these things truly are and we love guiding you towards getting to the bottom of your unique healing + deep nourishment needs.

Let’s make something very clear.

Your skin.

Stick with our simple, empowering advice and techniques, and you’ll be a radiant rockstar in as little as 21 days.


Picture this…

You’re no longer in a battle with your skin, the aging process, and the super confusing nutrition world. You feel confident and excited when navigating your perfect beauty + nutrition plan.

You have all the tools you need at your fingertips to wake up energized, happy, glowing and grounded EVERYDAY.


Beauty, here’s why we’re confident you’ve come to the right place!

We’re Steph and Laura; your Beauty Nutritionista’s.

With over a decade of experience as a holistic nutritional consultant, and someone who’s dealt with a genetic skin disorder her entire life, Steph has compiled all the nutritional info she wished she knew while trying to heal her skin + digestion into this comprehensive program. It’s safe to say embarrassing skin challenges are a thing of the past after implementing our incredible Beauty Nutrition Prescription.

Finally releasing those 30 stubborn pounds that lingered for years, Laura found her balance by being on ‘The Happy Diet’ - implementing the philosophies found in our Beauty Nutrition Program that we teach women all over the globe. Never counting a calorie again, and loving the skin she’s in more than ever, her vast knowledge in the wellness + beauty world will serve you greatly on your journey.

Our inside-out approach to skin health is unique, fun, simple and suited to any skin goal you may have!



  • A 3 week online program with everything we know and love about the beauty + nutrition industry; simplified!

  • Your Beauty Nutrition Kit containing a one month supply of:

    • Plant based protein (the base of our signature Beauty Smoothies)

    • Liver Support for gentle detoxification

    • Daily Multivitamin + Mineral Combo

    • Blender bottle with wire whisk for smoothies on-the-go

  • 3 x Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Masks (your new favourite weekly self-care treat)!

  • Delicious 7 Day Beauty Nutrition Meal Plan

  • 21+ days of email support and coaching

  • An online learning portal to absorb this info at your own speed

  • You have all program content for life + all updated material

  • Bonus checklists, eBooks, recipes, handouts

“I am gluten intolerant and I have to be careful with my diet which sometimes can feel draining, living a busy life.

What I love about this program is that it not only provides us with the antioxidants and minerals on a cellular level but also that it educates us with regard to healthy clean eating. Additionally a focus is set on vibrant skin care.

Therefore, it truly is a extensive radiant program which addresses the body from in- and outside. Along with the recipes an uplift in my energy level was guaranteed.”

-Ziggy, Berlin Germany



Because you deserve to be spoiled with extra goodies, Beauty!



We all love facials. And many of us love .the healing powers of crystals…

But, have you ever combined the two? It’s DREAMY!

As a Beauty Nutrition Insider, you’ll receive our GLOW CRYSTAL FACIAL GRID which not only boosts your natural glow, it helps you unwind with the support of Mother Natures gems.


Toss on a face mask, sip some organic vino (or herbal tea/kombucha) and join our self-care social!

During this one hour online party, you’ll meet your Beauty Nutrition Coaches and fellow program members, chat all about self-care and relish in some always necessary girl time.


guided meditations

Did you know meditation actually makes you look and feel younger?

Meditating every day (even for just a few minutes!) brings energy (also known as prana) into your body. During meditation, prana helps repair your body’s tissues and cells which gives skin a fresh, vibrant, youthful glow. We especially love masking + meditating!

Follow our simple, soothing guided meditations to tap in to your deepest inner beauty.


Three Modules. Endless practical information.

Digestion + Detox

Module 1

Younger Skin Begins Within

Believe it or not, the state of your digestive tract plays one of the biggest roles in your overall complexion. In Module 1 you’ll learn how to eliminate inflammation - the main culprit for undesired skin challenges and have a deep understanding of the importance of gut health for radiant vitality and energy.

Together we’ll embark on a gentle yet highly effective full body detox to clean up our cells and unveil a shine like never before.

Skin Confidence

Module 2

Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You Something… Are You Paying Attention?

In Module 2 you’ll learn how to identify the foods and lifestyle choices that may be speeding up the aging process, how to correct it naturally, and best of all, how to fall completely in love with your skin.

Our Beauty Nutrition Prescription is all you’ll need for an inside-out approach to gorgeous skin health.

Beautiful Lifestyle

Module 3

It’s Not A Fad, It’s A Lifestyle

In Module 3 we’ll be taking everything you’ve learned and begin to implement it into your new Beautiful Lifestyle… your Beauty Nutrition plan that will serve you for a lifetime!

Extreme self-care, mindfulness, your ideal eating style, beautiful confidence, targeted supplementation, effective skincare… you simply will not believe how much better you can feel!


Your investment in YOU is only

$218 CAD // $172 USD

(Includes tax + shipping, all Beauty Nutrition products, 21 Day Program and coaching!)

*we ship to 25 countries so be sure to ask about your specific market