Sugar Cleanse

Feelin’ Moody? Maybe Sugar Is Your Culprit.

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We can all benefit from eating less sugar.

Yah, yah… you’ve heard this once or twice before…

BUT, do you ever stop to truly think about what this sneaky substance is really doing to you on a cognitive, hormonal, energetic, or skincare level?

Today, let us share a wee bit of info specifically on brain health + sugar. Something that is often overlooked.

If you could use a little more focus and clarity in your life, read on…

Have you ever been in one of those mid-day slumps where you can’t seem to think straight?

And in a daze you reach for the sugar laden latte or a muffin, usually on auto-pilot and with minimal mindfulness?

Did you know that the way your brain experiences those stimulants in said latte or muffin actually lights up the exact same areas as cocaine? Crazy, right?!

New research is coming out every day on just how bad sugar is for the brain. In fact ~ it’s as bad for your brain as being in an extremely stressful or abusive situation 24/7.

No bueno!

Sugar addiction can actually impair the function of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and coping with stress.

This is one of the many reasons we at Beauty Nutrition are advocates of a low-sugar lifestyle.

The truth is when you go off sugar your brain starts to repair itself (what a magical thing the human body is)!

The brain fog you deal with everyday disappears and you start to feel clear and focused like never before. When sugar is your primary fuel source, not only is it damaging you on a physiological level but it’s also impairing your higher mental functioning, and honestly, it’s impairing your higher self in general.

Using sugar or refined carbohydrates as a pick-me-up creates a vicious cycle;

The effects of the sugar wear off quickly and the low energy returns with a vengeance.

Low energy = temptations and grabbing for those sugary pick-me-ups yet again.

When you cut sugar out of your diet you transform this cycle and create stable, sustainable energy that allows you to actually focus and feel mentally clear.

Just one of the many benefits of eliminating sugar from your life!

If you need a few starting suggestions to help you end your not-so-pretty cycle with the sweet stuff,

here are some simple tips that have helped us, and many of our clients, kick sugar cravings to the curb:


  • Get in the mindset of giving up sugar and understand that it is simply an addiction to a quick fix

  • Eat healthy fats at each meal to sustain energy and combat sugar cravings

  • Consume amino acids, the building blocks for your cells. Amino acids are found in protein (whether vegan, vegetarian, or animal)

  • Replace “treating yourself” with sugar by enjoying:

o   Some low-glycemic fruits, like berries, green apples and grapefruit, or fruit with a dash of cinnamon

o   A bowl of berries with coconut milk and flax meal, with stevia

o   A baked apple

o   A smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, a scoop of plant-based protein powder, cinnamon, stevia and ice

o   A cup of herbal tea, with naturally sweet ingredients like berries and fruit

So now you know…

You can give yourself peace of mind by reducing your sugar intake.

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