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Hello, Sweetness!

It’s no secret; We live in a stressful world.

Often times we can go into auto-pilot, loose touch with our mindfulness and find ourselves turning to poor food choices to cope with… well, everything.

This directly takes us away from our happiest and best selves.

This is unfortunate. And avoidable.

You are meant to SHINE and whether you realize it or not, many of your food choices are robbing your vitality and sparkle, leaving you feeling dull and lacking energy.

No good! We can do better (and feel better) than this.

The trouble is, where do you even start?

Thankfully you’ve got the Beauty Nutrition Team on your side, and we’ve got the tools and knowledge to kickstart your journey!

Let’s begin by tackling the all-too-common sugar addiction, shall we?

Sugar is a part of life, but it need not CONTROL your life.

Did you know:

On average, Canadians are consuming 26 teaspoons of sugar per DAY.

Say what?!

There is nothing sweet about this.

How ‘bout we upgrade our relationships starting today and say:

Move over sugar, it’s time to break up. It’s not me… it’s you.

Let’s drop that crappy one-sided relationship and move on to something better. Something more exciting. A lifestyle free from the grips of sugar addiction.

When given the tools and mindset, We CAN relish in the sweetness of life without the crutch of gummy bears, M&Ms, that hidden chocolate bar in your desk drawer…

We’ve done it ourselves, and now, we’ve got you covered too, girl.

Conquer Your Cravings

in 7 Days

Mindfully Sweet was created to support you in a mindful, sustainable approach to gaining control of sugar, so it doesn’t control you.

Sugar is a sneaky thing. It can weaken your body’s ability to deal with stress, which in turn may trigger anxiety. It may create mental fog. Weight gain. Blemishes and acne. Mood swings. The list is long and not so pretty…

You deserve to reclaim your shine - and it starts with Mindfully Sweet.

This is not a strict detox, rather, it’s a mindful look at the sugars we’re consuming, how they effect our well-being and how you can feel empowered when faced with managing all those sweet treats.


When you sign up for Mindfully Sweet, you get:

●A sugar-conscious coach who wants to nurture the sweetness already inside you, and is excited to share her best tips♡

●Our healthy-packed, 40+ page e-guide loaded with tips to help you welcome food + emotional harmony back into your life

●Delicious, easy to prepare recipes you’ll absolutely love

●A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time and frustration at the store

●A powerful video session to help combat your cravings through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT aka Tapping)

●A 7-day sugar-free meal guide for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages so you don’t have to wonder what to eat to get the results you want

●An online community of women rocking this awesome 7-day program with you!

You can look and feel fabulous even if you:

●Have struggled in the past with diets (ps we don’t do diets here, we do sustainable lifestyle changes!)

●Are always on the go (which is likely a huge factor in grabbing for those quick fixes)

●Have a never-ending to-do list, and don’t have time for “one more thing”… don’t worry, this plan is lifestyle friendly and easy to integrate into your current day

Let’s get you feeling vibrant, looking fabulous, kick sugar cravings to the curb and absolutely loving the skin you are in {The Mindfully sweet way}!

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Mindfully Sweet is simple and sustainable, yet highly effective.

Here’s what to expect;

Purchase your program at anytime.

if you’d like the added touch of group support, Our next round is on April 8th!

We start by becoming aware and mindful of our habits, why we grab for the foods that do not serve us, and discuss how to replace them with nourishing goodness.

  • Upon purchase, you’ll instantly receive your program guide, recipes, plus all other program material

  • You’ll be added to our engaging and supportive Facebook forum to keep you on track, accountable and excited to take on this new lifestyle

  • You’ll have access to your program content for life - it’s yours! If you ever decide to follow the plan again, you’ll have everything you need to do so


Your Mindfully Sweet Investment is only $67 CAD